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Overcome insulation: over the Technology Summit
[2020-01-11 ]
September 18, the interconnection project of the Qinghai-Tibet carried out the first live debugging, a week later, the first major change is formally charged and put into operation. This means that the war power of tens of thousands of electricity employees Tin Road has entered the last stage before operation. SU Zhi-yi, chief expert of the High Voltage Research Institute of Electric Power Research Institute. In his view, the insulation problem is the construction of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau electricity insurmountable but must cross a mountain. SU Zhi-a: The external insulation is mainly to solve two problems, an air gap, one is outside the insulation creepage distance to determine the problem.
The high altitude insulation likely to cause breakdown, frequent discharge and breakdown, the lines running process will be kept tripping, so that can not be continuous transmission. Early demonstration of the Qinghai-Tibet networking project, which transmission mode, and how to determine the voltage level became the focus of researchers continued to debate. Wang: Qinghai-Tibet networked DC line from Golmud to Lhasa, the transmission distance there are 1038 kilometers, from the transmission economy, the use of DC transmission is more economical than AC transmission; In addition, because Tibet grid is typical of the weak by the end of DC transmission is more conducive to ensuring the stability of Tibet after the project put into operation in grid.
The particularity of the high altitude, the State Grid Corporation of the voltage level of the argument. A year later, the construction of the Qinghai-Tibet networking project approved by the national formal research demonstration, DC project of the Qinghai-Tibet networking from the initial controversial ± 500 kV, and ultimately determined to be ± 400 kV. SU Zhi: The high altitude of the country have done insulation work is the gap distance and surface creepage distance is very short test, which can meet the need of the Qinghai-Tibet networking project.
In October 2008, in conneted high altitude test base, the China EPRI in conjunction with the China Aerospace Science and Industry Group, China's use of the company to produce the impulse voltage generator, the successful completion of the impact of the long gap discharge test. Get of Yangbajain long gap discharge test data, and finally the Qinghai-Tibet networking project over the 4300 meters above sea level of the external insulation technology is highly After extrapolation and increase the amendments to the pre-degree, high-altitude insulating technology was finally able to fully meet the conditions of the Qinghai-Tibet networking project started. SU Zhi: We do more than 50% flashover voltage is 10 times 5 times a flashover, it may not flashover, but designed to increase the difficulty, we must make it the probability is less than a few thousandths.
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